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I ended up with well over 100k vc for enjoying a season, including endorsements. (In My Opinion) However, The Alot Of 2K Youtubers Are Gonna Receive It. And You Might Want What They've?! Nevertheless, It's 50/50 For Me Buying It. The demo is not a good indicator of exactly what the game is going to be like. It's on rookie difficulty and NBA 2K21 MT you just get 2 attributes. The redone shooting stinks. They had to do something with it, but the ideal stick does a lot of shit now. I hate it. The redone shooting stinks. They had to d... more
Dingbest Oct 26 '20 · Tags: nba2k21 mt
The neighborhood has been renamed to 2K Beach where many new features can be seen. This can aid the players to NBA 2K21 MT make more XP to upgrade their rep.Remember the 2K Zone out of NBA 2K18? It's back in the game labeled as Jeff's 2K Arcade. From the arcade, players can enjoy several mini-games and unwind. To top it all, the ProAm stadium has a 3v3 court on the rooftop. The NBA 2K21 didn't neglect to pay respect to the late Kobe Bryant. Kobe's murals can be spotted on the walls of several buildings.Based on first impressions a... more
Dingbest Oct 22 '20 · Tags: nba2k21 mt
Teammates are not too dumb? What? It's absolutely just as bad this year as it what last year if not worse. The sole difference is that this season is that your staff can actually earn a bucket that's just a slider modification. They still don't know how to double staff or shield the selection the roster, they nevertheless stand around with their dicks inside their hands on offense. It takes them a century to decide they're going to run a play. What game are you currently playing? It's literally the exact same exact shit. Teammates ar... more
Dingbest Oct 19 '20 · Tags: nba2k21 mt
Somebody on the dev team is just one of us. Not saying they actually know anything, just they are aware of what could potentially be going on NBA MT Coins out here so they have included this in the sport as a type of time capsule for those who will. It may go either way, possibly supposed to inform or mock. I saw this the other night and has been bugging lol. Not to mention 6ft apart signs everywhere. Only more conditioning Have you noticed the puzzle meats truck directly into the left of those shops across the barricade? Dude, the p... more
Dingbest Oct 16 '20 · Tags: nba2k21 mt
Currently if it's still awful and seems the same and performs exactly the exact same on next gen I'll for sure be pissed and be done with NBA 2K21 MT Coins but as if I know that is my opinion things.Sorry for punctuation BTW phone is real laggy.Dribbling was rather cruced exactly the way you do moves does not transition or correlate well. Like the new way to do a behind the back just does not flow well with different motions. I really liked the dribbling more, seemed like it was harder to spam one move together a bunch and easier ... more
Dingbest Oct 13 '20 · Tags: nba2k21 mt